How to clean the hotend (BCN3D Sigma)

It is recommended to clean the hotend periodically and, especially, every time you switch materials. Ideally, use a piece of nylon filament to perform this operation.


To clean your hotend, follow these steps:

Operating the printer via the LCD screen, go to:

  • Utilities / Maintenance / Hotend cleaning assistant.

Select the hotend to clean and, in case there’s material loaded, press NEXT. Otherwise, select SKIP.


Remove the top teflon tube. First of all remove the black clip and then remove the top teflon tube by holding down the cupling collet and pulling out the tube.


Wait until the hotend heats up and then push the nylon filament through the hotend until it comes out clean of residues.


Press NEXT and keep pushing until new notice, then wait while the hotend cools down.


Finally, when indicated in the screen, pull out the piece of filament. Repeat the process until the removed filament tip comes out clean. Once it is clean, remember to put back the teflon tube and the black clip.

Be careful when pulling the filament from the hotend to prevent any possible damage to the printing head

5-nylon 2



replace hotend eng


manually unload filament eng



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