Printed parts (BCN3D+)

You can download all the printed parts for the different versions of our BCN3D+ below.


If your printer is a BCN3D Rep Rap you can download the prined parts here.

If not, continue reading.


Have in mind that some of this parts change between BCN3D+ V1 and V2. To know what version you should download, check your printer's seria number. 

Serial number Model
00.xxxxxx.xxxx BCN3D+ V1
01.xxxxxx.xxxx BCN3D+ V2


You can find your printer's serial number on a sticker behind the LCD or on the left inner cover. 

If you can't find your printer's serial number, the quickest way to know if your unit is a V1 or a V2 is checking the screws on the extruder idler


Screw type Model
Thumb screw BCN3D+ V1
Allen screw BCN3D+ V2



BCN3D+V2 Printed parts

BCN3D+V1 Printed parts

BCN3D Rep Rap printed parts

you can download the BCN3D+ assembly manuals to identify the name of the part you are looking for. 

If you are looking for printed parts for the BCN3D+ dual extruder and paste extruder upgrades, continue here.



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