How to update BCN3D Stratos?

BCN3D Stratos is a 3D printing slicing software, designed to offer speed and efficiency, while ensuring high-quality prints. It is a free software, and it's compatible with all BCN3D Sigma and Epsilon printers.








Why is it necessary to update BCN3D Stratos?

At BCN3D, we want to guarantee that you have the best experience during the slicing and preparation process of your 3D models. That is why we continuously work on improving our slicing software.

With each new update we improve our printing profiles, include third-party media profiles and fix bugs as well as implement new features.

BCN3D Stratos 1.6.4

Dowload the latest version 

Download the latest version of BCN3D Stratos. .


You can check here the changes and improvements included in the new version.


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