How to change the extruder driver (BCN3D Sigma)

In this article you will learn the procedure to change the extruder driver


Socket driver 5.5 mm


1. To change the extruder driver, first, turn the printer off and disconnect the power cable.




2. Remove the metal cover by removing the two nuts.

Make sure to keep the screw spacers.

nut-icon x2 M3

spacer-icon x2 M3




3. Open the clip and disconnect the flat cable. Carefully disconnect the filament runout sensor cable and the motor's driver cable as well.



4. To reassemble the new extruder driver, follow these instructions in reverse order. Don't forget to install the screw spacers before reinstalling the metal cover.



Avoid inserting the cable crooked and make sure that all the contacts are inside the connector.

If you want more details regarding the flat cable correct connection, please check the Flat cable connection guide.


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It's important to keep your printer in good shape to make the most out of it. In this chart, you can find a list of the extruder maintenance procedures and how frequently these should be done. Maintenance Plan


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check flat cable eng check mainboard fuse eng


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