How BCN3D recycles the e-waste

Explanation of how are we dealing with our mision of being as eco-friendly as posible






Why BCN3D recycle e-waste?

Our planet is suffering the impact of the gradual increase in waste. Our society has been generating an exaggerated amount of waste due to the consumption habits established by a linear economy model (Take, manufacture, consume, eliminate). 

In BCN3D, we are committed to the environment and we are actively working on using our resources carefully and reducing our waste. For this purpose, we use materials from local suppliers and treat our waste as a secondary material source. 


One man's trash is another man's treasure

BCN3D recycles all the components used on the printers, from the electronics and cables to the case itself. These components get sorted and sent to different facilities depending on the materials to be reprocessed as raw materials that can be used for other local manufacturers.


The iron cases, the electronic components, and the copper cables are picked up, classified, and sent to companies that will reuse or recycle them. All the companies we work with are certified by the Agència de Residus de Catalunya (ARC). This agency provides a safe space where any residual by-product of one company can be converted into a resource for another, and veils for proper waste handling.


Plastics, cardboard, and wood are sent to a "Green Spot". Green Spots are centers that selectively receive and store all types of municipal waste and products so that they can be reused, through repairs or through a recycling process that allows the materials that compose them to be recovered and reused.


  • Note: We encourage our customers to do the same with our consumables.

Act global, think local

We ship our products all around the world as an international company. This doesn't mean we source the materials from the rest of the world as well. The vast majority of suppliers are located in the Barcelona area, and some of them use our waste to refabricate the components and give them a second life. 

No waste policy

In BCN3D, we provide a coffee mug to every employee. With this, we show our newcomers that we care about them and inspire them to also make an effort in using less one-use products. This one mug also replaces all the paper cups that would be disposed of otherwise. 

No cup - No coffee


We also encourage our employees to bring their own lunch and reusable bottles to reduce the amount of waste generated by our people.

Only with this, we have seen a huge decrease in waste generated by our company since this policy was adopted. 


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