How to change the X endstop (BCN3D Sigma)

In this article you will learn the procedure to change the X endstop



Allen key 2.5 mm


1. Loosen the two screws that hold the endstop to the aluminum holder. screw-icon x2 M3 12mm



2. After removing the screws, check if your endstop can be disconnected by pulling from the cable connections. Do not use force when pulling from the cables since earlier versions of the endstops come together with the cable.

If it gets disconnected, you can connect the new one and screw it in place. The next image shows you the terminals and how you should connect them. 

Otherwise, if you have to replace both the endstop and the cable, continue with step 3.

endstop-connection-3 endstop-connection-4


3. Cut the two tie wraps that hold the endstop cable.


4. Disconnect the endstop from the driver.


5. Install the new endstop as shown in the picture, the cable has to go under the X guide and the orange switch has to be at the bottom part of the endstop.



Make sure that the endstop cable is immobilized with tie wrappers to avoid it being caught on moving parts of the printer.

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