How to fix the printing platform (BCN3D Sigmax)


 Allen key 2mm
Allen key 2.5mm 
Allen key 3mm 
Socket driver 8mm 

printing issues ringing

If you see that the platform is wobbly or there is a strange ringing effect along the Z-axis of your prints, check out these guidelines:


1. Check if there's any vertical play on the platform. It is normal that the platform admits some vertical movement, however, this shouldn't be excessive. 



2. See if all the Z-axis screws are properly tightened



3. If the upper screws are okay, raise the printing platform, remove the central cover and check the rest of the screws. 



4 Check that both surface calibration thumbscrews are not too loose. If they are you can adjust the height of the back calibration nut using an 8mm Socket driver so that the printer asks you to adjust the screws when doing a surface calibration.

thumbscrew loose Cropped back screw sigma near Cropped

thumbscrew tight Cropped

Warning! Don't tighten the back calibration nut all the way, try tightening half a turn, and then do a surface calibration until the front thumbscrews are properly tight (not all the way, but not too loose)


4. See if the Z-axis leadscrew is straight and it doesn't oscillate. If the leadscrew nut is crooked, the Z motor would have to be replaced. Raise and lower the printing platform and see if the lead screw wobbles to see if it's crooked. 



5. Check that the smooth bars on the sides of the platform are not scratched. If they are, the problem may be on the bearings. It can also be that the smooth bars aren't parallel and these may have to be realigned or replaced. Check out this article to align the Z-axis:

How to align the Z-Axis (SigmaX)




Remember to clean and lubricate the Z leadscrew regularly, as well as the Z-axis smooth bars.

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