Upgrade your BCN3D Sigmax

When and how to install the smart fan, stepper driver and R19 upgrades on your BCN3D Sigma

Theres is one upgrade available for Sigmax printers, to turn your R17 into a R19.

  • R19 upgrade

In order to upgrade your BCN3D Sigmax, first you need to know what version you currently have.

First check the last 4 numbers on your printer's serial number, and then check the table below.

The serial number can be found on the information menu on the LCD, or on a sticker underneath the printer

Serial Number Model Installed  Upgrades Pending upgrades
0000 to 0662 R17 None R19 Upgrade
0663 or higher R19 R19 Upgrade None


R19 Upgrade

Following our commitment with the wide base of BCN3D customers and the Open Source philosophy, we’ve carefully developed this kit to upgrade your previous Sigma version to the new R19 features, allowing you to catch up with latest developments and performance improvements.



update firmware sigma eng


maintenance eng



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