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Depending on the size of your organization and with the purpose of working in an organized way in BCN3D Cloud Teams, it will be necessary to assign and transfer the user permissions to certain cloud users. In this article, you will learn how to do these changes.


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Assign new managers

Delete managers

Change the owner account of BCN3D Cloud Teams


Assign new managers

Managers are those users who have the permission to organize all the resources of the cloud

To create a manager account, you will need to go to the roles section and select all the available permissions.


To assign a new manager, go to the user's section, select the user you want, assign him to the group he will be part of, and assign him the manager account.


Another way to assign the role is by going to the group's area, clicking to "edit permissions" and changing it to manager.

Delete Managers 

There are two ways to delete managers in BCN3D Cloud:

  • Removing the manager role but keeping the user in the group: in the user's section, select the user concerned and change his role in the group where he used to be a manager.

  • Deleting the user from the group: in the user's section, click the concerned user profile, select the group where he used to be a manager, and delete him from the group.


Note: These actions can only be done by a manager of the same group or higher, or by the owner of the Teams account.


Change the owner account of BCN3D Cloud Teams

In BCN3D Cloud Teams, the account to which the subscription is associated is known as "owner". This account is unique, it has all the administration permissions, it can modify the contract data of the Teams subscription.

The "owner" account cannot lose administration permissions, and can't be removed from the BCN3D Cloud. If it is necessary to change the user to which the account is assigned, you must contact the BCN3D support team through this form: Contact us.


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