How to align the Z axis (BCN3D Sigma)


Allen Key 2mm
Allen Key 2.5mm
Allen Key 3mm 
Socket driver 8mm 


If you hear strange squeaking noises coming from the Z-axis, even though you already lubricated it, it's time to realign the Z-axis. It doesn't happen so often, but it can happen over time. Follow the next steps to realign the Z-axis:


1. Go to Utilities/Maintenance/Move printing platform and move the printing platform to its middle position. 

2. Take out the central bottom cover screw-iconx3 M3 8mm

screw-iconx2 M3.2 9.5mm


3. Partially loosen the clamps that hold the Z-axis sidebars, both upper and lower clamps, and the screws that hold the Z motor.

spacer-iconx4 Set screw M6

screw-iconx4 M3 6mm 

IMG_20201014_155920 (1) IMG_20201014_155756 (1)
4. Partially loosen the nuts that hold the clamps, you'll see they admit some horizontal movement. nut-iconx8 M5 


5. From the Move printing platform menu (Utilities/Maintenance/Move printing platform), lower the platform to its bottom position. Once in the bottom, move it back up all the way to the top

6. Repeat the previous step a couple of times to align the Z-axis.



To reassemble again the axis, follow the previous steps from step 4 and in reverse order.

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