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The BCN3D Spool Cartridge is a plastic cartridge designed to store and place the filament spools (normally 750gr.) Inside the BCN3D Smart Cabinet.

The use of this cartridge in the dehumidifying chamber of the Smart Cabinet is highly recommended, since:

  • Improve user experience when storing and changing materials.
  • It simplifies the loading and unloading operations of the filament.
  • Ensures correct coil rotation during printing.
  • Maintains filament slack after unloading operation, preventing material from tangling.


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BCN3D Spool Cartridge Features

How to use the BCN3D Spool Cartridge


BCN3D Spool Cartridge Features


Quick material change

spool-cartridge-capacity Having 6 BCN3D Spool Cartridges ready in the loading area of the Smart Cabinet allows you to quickly exchange materials depending on the needs of each moment.

Magnetic snap fit

BCN3D-Spool-Cartridge-open-1 The magnets on the lid and on the main body allow the spools to be easily loaded, as well as to fit the cartridge in the loading or parking area of the Smart Cabinet, maintaining its position during filament loading and unloading operations.

Tangle-free discharge

unload-filament-smart-cabinet Avoid tangles inside the Smart Cabinet when unloading the filament. The extra clearance, due to the large distance between the extruders and the print heads, is kept inside the cartridge.


BCN3D-Filaments-3D-BASF-Mitsubishi The BCN3D Spool Cartridge is compatible with all BCN3D Filaments 500gr and 750gr spools, as well as a wide variety of spools from other material manufacturers. Coils of the following dimensions are compatible:


Diameter (d1): up to 203mmCenter hole
Diameter (d2): more than 50mm
Width (w): 55mm


How to use the BCN3D Spool Cartridge


Storing a spool in the BCN3D Spool Cartridge


1. Insert the coil into the cartridge.



2. Insert the end of the filament through the hole in the side wall of the cartridge.



3. Close the cartridge with its cap.


Load filament from the BCN3D Spool Cartridge.


1. Place the BCN3D Spool Cartridge inside the dehumidifier chamber of the Smart Cabinet.



2. Select Load Filament from the Utilities / Filament / Load menu.

filament-menu load-filament-screen-new


3. Pull the filament from the cartridge and feed it through the loading port until it stops with the extrusion motor.



4. Push the BCN3D Spool Cartridge into the charging port until it magnetically engages the wall.


5. Continue with the rest of the instructions on the screen.

Note: In the following article you will find all the steps related to loading the filament from the BCN3D Smart Cabinet: How to load the filament (Smart Cabinet).



    Visit the following article to know the importance of correctly storing your filament spools: How to handle and store the filament correctly.

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