How to handle and storage BCN3D filament

Find out the right way to preserve your material when you are not using it






To guarantee the best print quality, it is necessary to adequately handle the filaments by storing them and controlling the humidity when they are not being used.


Note: this process is applicable to all BCN3D printers to storage the filament.


The optimal conditions to storage your filaments to ensure good prints is to store them in a dry and cool place with a resealable bag and out of direct sunlight, ideally between 10 ºC and 30 ºC.

Smart Cabinet

Smart Cabinet the best place to store printing filaments


The Smart Cabinet is the ideal place to store your filaments. Since maintains the filaments in optimal conditions, the printer will perform better thanks to the controlled humidity on the filament.

The chamber that controls the humidity has been designed to extend the lifetime of the materials, protecting them and reducing the errors caused during a print because of the humidity, improving greatly the quality of every print.


spool storage in Smart Cabinet

The chamber has capacity for 8 small spools (between 750 g and 1 kg) or 4 big spools (up to 2,5 kg).


The Smart Cabinet has been designed to complete the BCN3D Epsilon Series printers ecosystem.



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