Tips to design in 3D printable models

The design of the 3D model is the first step to start printing models. In this article, you will find some recommendations to design your models depending on the hotend diameter and the material






tips for designing 3d printable models


3D printing based on FFF has many advantages that can generate complex geometries that other technologies cannot. However, like any other technology, it has limitations. These limits are important when designing the part that is going to ensure a good finish, in some cases the least use of material.

In order to help you in this task we have created the following summary with all the information you will need to take into account for the design:


chart with tips for 3d designing

This version is intended to be printed as a DIN A3 poster (420x297 mm) but you can also print it on a DIN A4 as a quick reference.


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