How to Check the Driver Voltage (Epsilon series)


Fine flat screwdriver
Watchmaker screwdriver


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If you find any strange behavior in the movement of your BCN3D Epsilon, it's likely that the stepper motor driver boards are not sending the correct signals. Checking their voltage is a good way to see if this is the issue. 


On all drivers there's a built-in potentiometer that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the voltage. This is marked with a blue circle in the picture below. 




Note: The driver has to be connected to the printer or to an external power supply in order to check and calibrate their voltage.


1. With the tester set on DC Voltage mode, put a pin on the GND connector (Blue) and the other to the voltage output (Red)


2. Depending on the value shown in the multimeter's display, adjust the potentiometer (it has a silver-colored, little screw on its side) with a watchmaker screwdriver until the following values are reached:


Driver Type Voltage Value
X motor 1.4V
Y motor 1.4V
Z motor 1.4V
Extruder Motor 0.7V


Note: The tolerance for these settings is ±0.01V.

Tip: You can unscrew the drivers from their place while the flat cables are connected to have better access to them and make the checking easier.



If you see the reading is 5.00V or 0.00V, the driver board should be replaced, learn how to do this in the following links:

Replace the X Y and Z driver (Epsilon Series)

Replace the Extruder motor driver


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Note: The YZE driver of the BCN3D Epsilon Series is for the X, Y, and Z axis



check mainboard fuse eng


check flat cable eng


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