How to replace the hotbed and its cable (BCN3D Sigmax)


6.5mm socket driver
Philips screwdriver
2mm Allen Key
2.5mm Allen Key


This article will help you in changing the hotbed heating pad and the cable that connects it to the mainboard. To do so, follow the next steps:


1. Raise the printing platform to its top position. To do so, go to Utilities/Maintenance/Move printing platform

Move printing platform


2. Turn of your BCN3D Sigma and disconnect it from the power source.

sigmax-turn-off-1 sigmax-turn-off-2


3. Take out the central bottom cover by removing the marked screws.  screw-iconx2 M3 8mm

screw-iconx2 M3.2 9.5mm



4. Disconnect the hotbed cables from the mainboard and the hotbed. 


5. Remove the cable clamps by loosening the nuts and screws with the help of a socket driver and a 2.5mm Allen key. 

nut-iconx2 M3

screw-iconx2 M3 6mm


6. Disconnect the hotbed cable from the Relay by loosening the 2 right side screws with a Philips screwdriver.


7. Remove the hotbed heating plate by taking out the printing surface and removing the marked screws. Remove the old hotbed plate from the printing platform.  screw-iconx9 M3 6mm


7. To install the new hotbed and cable, follow the same steps in inverse order. 

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check flat cable eng check mainboard fuse eng


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