Magigoo: tips and tricks

Magigoo® is a water-based adhesive intended to be as safe as possible to use, recommended for 3D printing with BCN3D printers. In this article, you will know the types of Magigoo, how to use it, and some adhesion tips






How important is the adhesive in 3D print?

The adhesion to the printing surface is too important to ensure that the print job has the best quality and avoids printing issues like warping. The adhesive plays a very important role and the correct usage of Magigoo ensures that the part is firmly in place during printing, to get a successful print. Plus, the part can be easily removed from the printer once printing is complete by applying simply water to the surface.


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Know the types of Magigoo

Magigoo Original


Magigoo Original guarantees a strong adhesion between the part and the printing surface. However, the real magic begins when the impression is ready: letting the impression cool allows you to remove the part effortlessly.

Original Magigoo works with the most common 3D printing materials such as: PLA, Tough PLA, BVOH, PVA, ABS, TPU, and PET-G.

Magigoo PRO PA


Magigoo PA (Nylon) is an adhesive specifically designed for 3D printing on polyamide (nylon) plastics. Provides strong adhesion for polyamide-based filaments and fiber versions.

Magigoo PA also shares the cooling properties of other Magigoo adhesive products.

Magigoo PRO PP

magigoo-pp Magigoo PP is an adhesive specifically designed for 3D printing of polypropylene plastics. Offers strong adhesion for polypropylene-based filaments. Magigoo PP offers a strong and convenient bonding surface for PP materials without the need to apply tapes or other coatings to the printing surface.

Magigoo PRO PPGF

magigoo-ppgf This is Magigoo PPGF, the adhesive specifically designed for 3D printing on glass-filled polypropylene plastics. Magigoo PRO PPGF is the stronger cousin of Magigoo PP, offering stronger adhesion for the stiffer reinforced polypropylene blends. Magigoo PPGF requires the bed to be heated for easy and safe removal of parts.


How to apply Magigoo on the printing surface

1. Shake the bottle

2. Apply to the desired area by pressing the tip against the printing surface (activating the internal valve) and spreading as necessary.

3. Print according to the recommendations of the material you use.


Tricks when using Magigoo

1. Improve adhesion to the printing surface


If you find that your piece is having trouble adhering to the printing surface you can try the following tricks:
  • Make sure that the printing surface is free of residues such as dust and filament residues, as well as oils and adhesive residues.
  • Whenever you finish a printing process, apply Magigoo again, both to ensure the correct adhesion of the piece and to protect the printing surface from damage when removing the piece.
  • If the material you are printing tends to warp, apply a coat of Magigoo and let it dry. Then apply a new layer of Magigoo on the printing surface.
  • In case you have warping printing polypropylene (PP) you can use the Magigoo PRO PPGF, the adhesion will increase significantly.
  • Follow the tips to improve adhesion to the printing surface in the following article: Tips to properly adhere the parts

    2. Clean the printing surface

    Magigoo is an easy-to-remove adhesive, you just need to spray water on the printing surface and wait for the glue to dissolve. If you want to speed up the process, you can use a spatula to remove the Magigoo residue and then dry the printing surface with a dry cloth.

    If there are still traces of glue, you can use rubbing alcohol or ethyl alcohol to finish cleaning the printing surface.

    • Note: Magigoo PRO PPGF takes a little longer to dissolve the adhesive layer, it is recommended to let the glue soak in for a longer time.


    • Apply Magigoo over a clean printing surface each time that you need to print in order to ensure a good adhesion
    • To remove the printed part, apply water in the printing surface to dissolve the glue
    • For materials with a high ratio of warping, let dry the Magigoo and apply another layer
    • If you have adhesion issues with PP, you can try to use Magigoo for PPGF30

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