How to remove the pulleys noise (BCN3D Sigma)

In this guide you will learn how to perform some tasks to avoid noise from the pulleys


Allen key 2mm
Allen key 4mm

Allen Key 8mm


The pulley noise usually comes from a bad axis lubrication or Y smooth bar damage. Check if this noise is produced on the right side Y-axis smooth bar pulleys. Follow the next steps to fix it:



1. First of all, turn off and unplug the printer.

sigma-turn-off-1 sigma-turn-off-2


2. Slightly loosen the 2 set screws without completely removing them from the pulley. screw-iconx2 M4 4mm

Motor pulley

3. Rotate the pulleys around the smooth bar and tighten the set screws, avoid fixing the set screw over the initial position.

If the noise is coming from the front pulleys, slightly lose the M8 Allen screw, and apply some lubricating oil to both the screw and the pulley. Then tighten the screw again.

front-pulley front-pulley-2



If pulleys are still noisy or you can't unscrew the set screws, please contact the support team by filling this form.

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