Sample parts (Epsilon Series)

Get to know and download our test model to get started with your 3D printer. With this, you will be able to check the print quality quickly and easily, as well as be able to detect and solve problems efficiently.









1. What is the test model?

bcn3d-benchmark-3d-print-test-quality-boat When you unpack the printer you will find a printed test model included in the accessory box. This piece is called a "BCN3D benchmark", one of the calibration models we use to test the quality of our printers with a simple and quick printout.

2. How can I print a test model?

You can download this file, as well as our slicing software BCN3D Stratos in order to slice and print your first model and use it to test print quality.

  • You can also download the gcode to print it directly from the cloud or your SD card. 
This gcode is a dual print configured for PLA ,0.4 hotends, and is compatible with both Epsilon Series printers. download-button-02


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