How to change the SD reader (Sigma Series)

In this article you will find the knowhow needed to change the SD reader





icono de allen
Allen key 2,5 mm
icono de controlador de socket
Socket driver 5,5 mm 


If you spot that the information of the file that you will print is not correct, it's bugged or the system asks you to insert an SD card even though you have one plugged in, you are experiencing SD reading issues. You will need to change the SD reader. follow the next steps to do it:


Note: Before changing the SD reader, make sure the SD card itself is not causing this to happen. Check if the card is unlocked and try to use another SD card to see this gets it fixed.


1. Move the printing surface up. To do it,  go to Options/Maintenance/Move printing surface.



2. Turn off and disconnect the BCN3D Sigma D25 from its power supply.

apagar-d25 desenchufar-apagar-d25


3. To access the SD reader you'll have to remove the inner cover, follow the next articles to know how to do these processes:

How to remove the inner cover (Sigma Series)


4. Disconnect the SD reader cable. Pay attention on the connector orientation.


5. Remove the two nuts that hold the SD reader to the frame of the printer. icono de nuezx2 M3


6. Once the SD reader is out, loosen the screws which hold the SD reader to the metal support. icono de tornillox3 M3 8 mm
lector-sd-top lector-sd-parte inferior
Top view Bottom view


7. Place the new SD reader on the metal support and install it in the printer. You can do it by following the previous steps in reverse order.




Usually, the reading problems are caused by the SD card and in fewer cases by the SD card reader, if you are using a micro SD card adapter, check if it is okay and try to change it before changing the SD reader.

Is important that the SD card is formatted in FAT32 to ensure a correct reading process. 

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