How to use the BCN3D Cloud Analytics

Optimize processes related to 3D printing through analytics management






When managing printers, materials, printing times, and workflows, intuition may not be the best of tools. For this reason, BCN3D Cloud includes various analytics that will simplify this task and help optimize all processes related to 3D printing.

Printing time


With the printing time, you will be able to plan when will be necessary to perform the maintenance tasks on the printer.

Another benefit of this parameter is knowing how much printers are used. Depending on the number of jobs to be done and if you are printing almost continuously, the number of printers may need to be increased.

Used Filament


This statistic has different uses depending on the material used and other statistics from the cloud.
In general, it allows predicting when it will be necessary to replenish the filament stock.
With soluble materials like PVA or BVOH, it can be an indicator that support structures need to be optimized.
When the number of canceled prints with a certain material is high, it is a possible sign that the material needs to be checked or the print profile should be improved.

Total print jobs completed by status


The number of completed prints is a metric that can help to detect problems, either with how the printer is being used or the printer itself.

In addition, with the use of the printing history, you can know how many times a certain file has been canceled or correctly printed, and improve the printing profile if necessary.

Current percentage of items completed in printer queues

completed-print-jobs-queue With this percentage, you can see how much a printer is being used. If the number of queued prints is much higher than 50%, it indicates that the printer is highly demanded.

Current percentage of items completed workflows

completed-workflows The best way to know if a workflow is working normally is to analyze the graph of completed objects. If the percentage of parts in the process is much higher than 50%, it indicates that the workflow is saturated or stuck in a process.


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Maintenance Plan (Epsilon Series)

Maintenance Plan (Sigma Series)


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