How to adjust the Z axis lead screw nut (BCN3D Sigma)


Allen key 2.5mm


If when trying to raise the printing platform, it stays at its bottom position and makes a loud noise, probably the cause is that the lead screw nut is misaligned with the printing surface. In order to solve this follow these steps:

1. Loosen the three screws placed around the Z-axis lead screw. screw-iconx3 M3 8mm



2. Move back and forth the lead screw to correct its position before tightening the screws again. This correction should be minimal, just enough to align the screw in a natural position. 


Note: If you can't tighten the screws, try to spin a little the lead screw to align the holes of the nut with the holes of the printing platform.


3. Go to Utilities/Calibration/Printing surface calibration and follow the steps. Verify if the printer can now raise the platform. It's possible that you have to repeat this process to get it perfectly aligned.




If you can't move the printer surface after following these guidelines, please check the flat cables connections, check out this article: How to check flat cable connections (BCN3D Sigma)


If the printing surface still doesn't move after checking the flat cables, please contact with the BCN3D support team by filling this form.

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