How to change the air duct of the Smart Cabinet

Changing the air duct is a simple task that requires a certain order and organisation.






warning-2 This is an advanced repair article. This guide is designed to be performed with the authorization and assistance of the BCN3D support team or authorized distributors.

Without the necessary knowledge, you could cause damage to the Smart Cabinet during repair and invalidate the warranty.

If you have any questions or problems please contact the support team: contact form.



Screwdriver 8mm


5mm Allen key 


2.5mm Allen key


2mm Allen key



 Attention! Electrical Hazard

It's very important to turn off and disconnect the Smart Cabinet to avoid short circuits or any risk of electrocution. 


Attention! Rollover danger

Do not apply any type of force to the Smart Cabinet during the repair. Place the cabinet in a flat and open area, and lock the brackets of all wheels.

Follow the next steps to change the air duct:

1. Turn the printer off and unplug the Smart Cabinet.

bcn3d-epsilon-turn-off-1 disconnect_sc

2. Lock the wheels using the brakes.

freno Cropped

3. Open the drawer and lift the lip.


4. Unscrew the nuts from the air duct cover. 

nut-icon x2 M5


5. Loosen the screws from the air duct cover.

screw-icon x2 M5 10mm

washer-iconx2 M5


Note: to remove the cover of the air duct could be necessary to pull back the bottom foam cover just a bit, approx 2mm.

6. Unscrew the UPS cover

screw-iconx6  M4 10mm


7. Turn the UPS off, it is located in the lower area of the Smart Cabinet.

Turn it off by pressing the right button until you stop hearing a 'beep' sound.


8. Unscrew the bottom cover.

screw-iconx7  M4 10mm


9. Disconnect the following cables from the mainboard: HEATER_0, FAN, SERVO_0, and SERVO_1.


10. Disconnect the resistance cable of the air duct.


11. Unscrew the air duct.

screw-iconx4 M3,5 9,5mm


12. Change the air duct for a new one.


13. Reconnect the cables of the air duct in the following way

Note: the cable of the Air duct's fan would be connected to the Heater_1 pin of the mainboard.



14. Follow the same steps in the opposite order to reassemble the Smart Cabinet.

15. keep the door closed for at least 2 hours to stabilize humidity.


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