How to Change the HEPA Filter (Epsilon Series)

The HEPA Filter Ensures a Safe Environment, it is Important to Change it Periodically










The HEPA filter prevents the release of potentially harmful particles and fumes into the air, ensuring a safe environment for those around the printer. To ensure its function, it's recommended to change the HEPA filter every 1440 printing hours. To do so, check the following steps:



1. Turn off and disconnect the printer

bcn3d-epsilon-turn-off-1 bcn3d-epsilon-turn-off-2


2. Inside the printer, pull the filter's lips in order to unlock the filter and pull it out from the filter support.


3. Insert the new filter in the support, paying attention that the lips of the filter are in a vertical position.




The printer will show a message when the HEPA filter needs to be changed.

Some filaments emit toxic fumes that can be harmful to humans. To avoid symptoms like headaches, drowsiness, or fatigue, it is very important to change the HEPA filter at the moment when the printer asks you to do it.

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