Upgrade your printer: Driver heatsinks (BCN3D Sigma)

In this article you will learn how to install the heatsink and therefore avoid heat problems on the driver


Socket Driver 5.5mm 
Allen Key 2.5mm 


First BCN3D Sigma units have no heatsink on the driver; this can cause a driver overheat specially in long duration prints. In some cases, it can cause printing issues like layer shifting. Installing the heatsinks can solve it.

Sigma R17-R19 models and all other BCN3D printers have a heatsink on each driver. If you have to acquire a new driver, you will receive the driver, the spacer and the heatsink as a full pack, completely assembled.

To install the new heatsink and the driver spacer, follow these steps:



1. First of all, turn off and disconnect the printer.




2. Disassemble the 6 drivers of your printer. If you don't know how to do it, check out this link: Printer stepper drivers

3. Apply the thermal paste on the heatsink and place it in the driver spacer’s hole.

heatsink-4 heatsink-2


4. Place the spacer+heatsink over the driver. Make sure that the position is correct and as flat as possible.

If there’s tin over the driver PCB that will be in contact with the heatsink, you will have to either remove the tin with a soldering iron or swap the driver for a new one.

driver-heatsink-3 driver-heatsink-2



5. Make sure that you connect the X and YZE drivers on the correct axis. Install them on the same axis they came from.


Note: Check the driver's axis serigraphy. You will be able to differenciate two models, one for the X axis and other one for the YZE. Each driver have a specific voltage adjustment.



When installing the drivers back on the printer, please check that all flat cables are correctly connected before turn on the printer.

Check this guide to get more information regarding the flat cable connection: How to check flat cables connection (BCN3D Sigma)

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