Network requirements to connect your printer to the Internet

In this article, we will list the requirements that the network needs to meet in order for the printer to be able to connect to it and access functions like receiving firmware updates or working with the BCN3D Cloud






Our Cloud uses special protocols to send and receive information from the printer. To be able to use the BCN3D Cloud and the features of the internet connection of the printer is necessary to check that the internet connection allows the connection from the Cloud to the printer.


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Network requirements

To ensure the connection of the printer to the Internet and to allow the use all the functions associated, the network must meet these requirements:

  • Have port 443 open: This is the HTTPS port and is normally open by default. Is necessary to open port 443 in the HTTPS and MQTT protocols.
  • In case of connection via Wi-Fi, the access point must be close to the printer for stability and speed.
  • Printer protocol: The printer uses a secure MQTT protocol over SSL (using port 443). The printer software will properly establish communication provided that the network allows a persistent connection and doesn't block the MQTT protocol. 
  • Browser protocol: The browser uses secure WebSockets over SSL (using port 443). The webpage will properly establish communication provided that the network allows a persistent connection and doesn't block the WebSocket protocol.
  • Allow the following address in your firewall: and
  • Allow the Internet Control Message Protocol: ICMP is necessary for the correct operation between printers and BCN3D's cloud. The printer sends pings to AWS because our cloud is stored inside it.

  • Allow download G-codes in your network: To ensure that you're able to print through the BCN3D Cloud or BCN3D Stratos, is necessary to allow the connection to this address:
Both these persistent connections are needed for real-time bi-directional traffic between the printer and browser.
Note: the data transfer will be done through the following hostname: on port 443

How to connect the printer to the Internet

If you have a BCN3D Epsilon Series or Sigma Series printer, you will have received a Wi-Fi adapter and an ethernet cable in the accessory box.

In the following video, we explain the process to connect your printer to the internet.

HubSpot Video
  • Note: If the Ethernet network is not configured automatically, you must go to the menu Utilities / Printer Configuration / Wired Connection and manually configure it.

Connection issues troubleshooting

Printer connection can be detected if any of the following are true:

  • Unable to register the printer to BCN3D Cloud
  • The printer is registered but not visible in BCN3D Cloud or BCN3D Stratos
  • The printer is visible from BCN3D Cloud / BCN3D Stratos but files cannot be sent to it for printing.

To find the cause of the problem and solve it, you must follow the following steps:

1. Update the printer firmware

Firmware versions are constantly released improving the stability of the printer connection. You can install the latest firmware version available in this article: Update the firmware (Epsilon Series / Sigma Series)

2. Connect via Wi-Fi to a mobile network or hotspot

The easiest way to rule out if the problem is coming from the network is to connect the printer to a hotspot. To do this, create an access point from a mobile phone and connect the printer via Wi-Fi.

If the printer can be registered or visible in BCN3D Cloud, the problem comes from the network and you will need to check if it meets the network requirements.

3. Contact technical support

If after trying the previous solutions the printer still has connectivity issues, please contact the BCN3D support team: Contact us.


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