How to update the firmware (Epsilon Series / Sigma Series)

The firmware is the brain of the printer that allows it to move in response to our inputs via the LCD. Learn how to update the firmware through the internet or the SD card.









Why is necessary to update the firmware?

At BCN3D we want you to have a great printing experience, and to achieve this we are continually working to create new firmware upgrades for our printers.

Our recommendation is to always use the OTA update. This is the most effective way to update the software. To do this it is essential to have the printer connected to the Internet. You will be notified on your screen when a new firmware version is available, and you'll just have to click to install it.

O.S. 2.0



FW version and changelog

Dowload the latest firmware version.

You can also download the changelog for the latest firmware version.


Update firmware through the internet

If your printer is connected to the internet, a pop-up message will appear when a new update is available.

1. To update the latest firmware version click the option "yes".

menu of the new version of the firmware

2. Wait for the update process to be completed.

Follow the instructions on the LCD until the update process is completed.

The charge process of the new firmware

Update your printer through SD Card

If your printer is offline you can also update the firmware manually following these instructions:

1. Download the latest firmware version file (2.0)

   Firmware Update Changelog 2.0


Note: If your printer has installed a firmware version below 1.4.5, would be necessary to install the version 1.4.5 in order to update the firmware to 1.5.0 or higher versions.

You can download the firmware version 1.4.5 here.

2. Copy the downloaded file to the root folder of your SD card.

Note: is highly recommended that the SD card doesn't have any other file and the name of the firmware version file doesn't have any modification.



  • Connect your printer to the internet in order to receive automatically any firmware update.
  • Keep your printer updated to get access to new features and improvements.
  • If you come across an error while updating, get in contact with support: Contact us.


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