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In this article, you will find tips on how to plan your 3D printing workflow and an example of a 3D printing farm service, so it is easier to understand how to assign roles and the permissions that different users will have to do the job related with the workflow.


This article is the second part of another article that explains the introduction to BCN3D Cloud, check this article first if you have not done it yet. Create your 3D printing workflow on BCN3D Cloud


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Why use a printing workflow.

Previous steps before setting up the workflow. 

Necessary roles

How to send files to print


Why use a printing workflow

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Printing workflows are an organizational tool because they reduce the complexity of the printing process when there are a large number of people, files, and printers.

The purpose is to organize all the work with 3 steps, identifying roles according to their function and to fastly establish the priority of each job.

Previous steps before setting up the workflow

library and folders of the bcn3d cloud

Before creating a workflow is recommendable to have the next tools created in the workflow group. 

  • A folder to upload designs: this folder will have public access to all group members and will organize 3D models and G-codes
  • To have the printers in different groups: putting the printers in different groups according to common features such as the printing volume, the filament type, the hotends that are installed, etc. Simplifies the workflow a lot.

Note: Notes can be added on models and print files in the workflow to indicate requirements, improving the communication between team members.


Necessary roles

The first tip to create a workflow is to keep the simplicity when assigning roles. If there are fewer roles, it is easier to manage the workflow and to solve problems.



For example, in a 3D printing farm service, we could distinguish 3 basic roles.



When we refer to designer, we mean the person who needs to print a file. This user creates designs and adds them to the workflow to be printed. He is able to add the files directly from his personal folder or group folder.

The customer permissions are the following ones:

folders-cloud Cropped workflow-cloud Cropped
  • View folders
  • Upload Designs
  • Edit Designs
  • Add to workflow

Lab technician


The lab technicians are 3D printing specialist, their job consists in converting the designs uploaded by the designers into g-codes. They will upload the g-codes to the printing workflow

The lab technicians permissions are the following ones:

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  • View folders
  • Download designs
  • Upload printfiles
  • Edit printfiles
  • Add to workflow

Note: Lab technicians can also have the "control workflow" and "Add/remove printer queue files/cluster files" permissions, so there would not be a need for a manager user. 

Farm operator


The farm operator will initiate the printing process and manage the workflow of each printer.  

This user will only have the permissions related to the printers such as printer groups and printing queues.

The farm operator permissions are the following ones:

3d-printers-cloud Cropped clusters-cloud Cropped
  • View printers
  • Start prints
  • Manage active jobs
  • Add to queue
  • Edit queue
  • Printer control
  • Manage clusters
  • Control clusters


With these 3 basic roles and the permissions mentioned before us possible to manage the workflow fastly. However, it is recommended to create a manager role to increase the control over the tasks.



The BCN3D Cloud has been built to distribute tasks intuitively for the people who interact with the workflow.

Once the designer has added an order to the workflow, the manager sends the file to the Lab Technician who slices the file and adds it to the workflow in order that the manager can send it to print

The manager is the user with a larger variety of permissions:

folders-cloud Cropped 3d-printers-cloud Cropped
  • View folders
  • Download designs
  • Upload designs
  • View printers
  • Analytics
workflow-cloud Cropped  
  • Manage workflows
  • Control workflows
  • Add/remove printer queue files
  • Add/remove cluster files

Choose how to send files to print

3d printing farm of epsilons and smart cabinets from bcn3d

When the roles are defined, it is time to assign print jobs to each printer, in BCN3D Cloud there are two ways of ordering the print of a file, print queues, and clusters.


Note: visit the following articles to know more about:


To simplify the printing process is necessary to use the clusters because they allow the farm operator to choose a printer according to its availability and to its features, so he can add the file to the right print queue.



Imagine we are printing with the printers of the printing farm on the left.

If we only use printing queues, it would be necessary to know which printer is available to print the project and assign it the file. 

When using clusters, the manager doesn't need to know if a printer is available or not, the only he has to know is in which group he will be able to print the project.

  • Clusters according to the filament type: Printers for standard filament and printers for fiber-filled filaments.
  • Clusters according to the printing volume: Printers to print a volume of 50L or 25L.

So the farm operator will only have to assign the printer that best fits the printing request.


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