How to remove the Z cable cover (Sigma Series)








Allen key 2.5mm

To remove the inner cover, you'll have to disassemble the Z cable covers first. This article will show you how to proceed:


1. Raise up the printing surface: Utilities/Maintenace/Move printing surface.


Note: If you can't move the printing surface from the touchscreen, spin the Z axis lead screw clockwise in order to move the surface up. Grab a piece of paper to have a better grip. 


2. Turn off and disconnect the BCN3D Sigma.

turn-off Cropped unplug Cropped
3. Remove the screws from the upper cover. screw-iconx4 M3 10mm


4. Remove the screws from the left and right side covers. screw-iconx4 M3 10mm



To reassemble, first, screw the lateral covers and then the top cover. Be careful when you are reassembling the covers, an excess of pressure or a bad positioning can break them.

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