What version is my printer? (BCN3D Sigma)

Find the software and firmware version that is running your printer


1. Find the serial number of the BCN3D Sigma printer

You'll find this serial number on the i button and Unit Information or on the label under the printer.

bcn3d-main-menu bcn3d-unit-information

The serial number also appears on a label on the side of the box and in the conformity certificate that comes with it.


2. Look at the 4 last digits of the serial number, then check the following chart:

Last 4 digits Version
From 0000 to 1592 R16
From 1592 to 3264 (both included) R17
higher than 3264 R19



Both R16 and R17 versions can be upgraded to R19 by installing the upgrade kit found in this article: Upgrade your BCN3D Sigma

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It's important to keep your printer in good shape to make the most out of it. In this chart you can find a list of the extruder maintenance procedures and how frequently these should be done. Maintenance Plan.


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quick start guide sigma r19 eng


first setup sigma r19 eng



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