What to do when the Z motor doesn't move (BCN3D Sigma)


Allen 1.5mm
Philips Screwdriver


This article will help you if the Z-axis motor isn't working or doesn't make any sound.

Here are some guidelines to follow to locate and solve this issue.


1. To check the Z motor, first, turn off the printer and unplug it from the power outlet.

sigma-turn-off-1 sigma-turn-off-2


2. Remove the central bottom cover to access the Z motor driver board. screw-iconx2 M3 8mm

screw-iconx2 sheet metal



3. Check if the Z motor cable is properly connected to the driver


4. Check if the Z flat cable is properly connected to the driver and to the mainboard.


Tip: Check out this article to properly check the flat cable connections: Flat cable connection.


5. If all the cables are properly connected, swap the extruder motor driver with the Z
motor driver to see if the motor responds with a new driver.  Check these articles to know how to do this swap: Extruder motor driver




If swapping the Z-axis driver for the Extruder one makes the motor work again, you should consider getting a new Z-axis driver to replace it. 


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check flat cable eng check mainboard fuse eng


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