How to install vertical bowden (BCN3D Sigmax)

The vertical bowden allows the filament to enter vertically to the hotend


Allen key 2.5 mm


The vertical Bowden is a printed part that allows the filament to have less friction with the Bowden, this makes it less likely for underextrusion and layer shifting to appear. If you need a vertical Bowden you can print it, download the file here: Printed Parts (BCN3D Sigmax)


1. Unload the filament, remove the Bowden tube from the hotend, and remove the marked screw. screw-iconx1 M3 8mm


vertical-bowden-bcn3d-3 vertical-bowden-bcn3d-4


2. Place the printing head to the side of the printer and insert the Bowden tube in the vertical Bowden part. Plug the Bowden tube back in the hotend, keeping its position as straight as possible to prevent it from bending.




3. Tighten the screw from step 1 back as per the picture above. 


Tip: When inserting the Teflon tubes, set them up as vertical as possible.


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