Slice with BCN3D Stratos

In This Article you Will Learn how to Create a G-code and the Most Common Parameters in BCN3D Stratos


warning-1 Remember that BCN3D Cura will not receive new software updates. Please download BCN3D Stratos our new slicer for improved performance.






BCN3D Stratos is the slicer used to create the g-codes for the BCN3D Printers. It is optimized to work in Dual, Mirror, and Duplication modes.

You can download BCN3D Stratos from our website by following this link: BCN3D Stratos

Once you have it installed, it is time to prepare your models to be printed, we will guide you through the configuration process to get a better printing quality of your model and improve your experience with the printer.


BCN3D Cura

1. BCN3D Stratos introduction

Learn how to prepare your models to be print-ready

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Orientation of printed parts matters

2. The Positioning Matters

The resistance, look and supports are all affected by the orientation

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Basic parameters of 3d printing

3. Basic Parameters

We explain our selection of basic parameters when configuring a print

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4. Advanced Parameters

Master the configuration of your print

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