BCN3D Stratos: Basic Parameters


warning-1 Remember that BCN3D Cura will not receive new software updates. Please download BCN3D Stratos our new slicer for improved performance.






BCN3D Stratos has more than 100 parameters to configure, an extremely high number that can be unmanageable. However, by setting the 6 following parameters we can obtain high quality and resistant pieces.


Temperature parameter in BCN3D Cura1. Temperature

Make sure you use the right temperature.

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infill parameter in BCN3D Cura2. Infill 

Discover all the infill possibilities you have.

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Perimeter parameter in BCN3D Cura3. Shell

Learn how to set the perimeter of the piece.

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Cooling parameter of BCN3D Cura4. Cooling 

Fine details, bridges or cantilevers, it all depends on the cooling.

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BCN3D Cura print surface adhesion parameter5.  Build Plate Adhesion

Discover how to improve the adhesion of the first layer.

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support parameter in BCN3D Cura6. Supports

Gravity can be a problem unless you use supports.

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We also have advanced parameters that will help you to achieve fine results when printing: BCN3D Stratos: advanced parameters.


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