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Printing temperature

Build plate temperature

First layer temperature

Standby Temperature



Printing Temperature

Adjusting the printer's printing temperature

printing temperature

In this option, you can adjust the temperature of the extruder when printing. 


printing temperature tower
Each material has a specific temperature that can change between brands. To find the best result, you should do a temperature tower and test which one works best.


If the optimal temperature is higher than the recommended limit,  you may be experiencing underextrusion problems. Follow this guide to resolve this issue: How to fix underextrusion 


Build Plate Temperature

build plate temperature

adjusting the temperature of the printing surface

For your piece to properly adhere to the printing surface, the surface must be sufficiently hot. This parameter indicates the surface temperature.

If you have any problem with adhesion or warping, raising the temperature of the bed a bit can help solve the problem. The following article contains other solutions for this issue. How to fix first layer issues


First Layer Temperature

first layer printing temperature

adjusting the temperature of the first print layer


The first layer of the piece is crucial in the printing process, that's why it is crucial to ensure that the filament adheres well to the surface.

To coordinate this, the temperature of the extruder and printing surface can be raised when printing the first layer, this will make the material adhere better and prevent warping or the total loss of a print. 


Tip: Adding 5 degrees to the normal printing temperature may be enough to improve adhesion.


Standby Temperature

standby temperature

adjusting the standby temperature of the printer

When you print a model that needs two different materials, there is always one extruder that is in rest mode while the other is printing. During this resting process, the extruder lowers its temperature to its standby temperature. This happens to avoid burning the material in the hotend, thus causing a clog or wasting the material by dripping.



PVA keep this parameter between 150ºC or less, to avoid a clog in the hotend for  extended time prints.


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It's important to keep your printer in good shape to make the most out of it. In this chart, you can find a list of the extruder maintenance procedures and how frequently these should be done. 

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Maintenance Plan (Sigma Series)

Maintenance Plan (BCN3D Sigmax)

Maintenance Plan (BCN3D Sigma)


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