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skirt printing adhesion resource

 When this option is selected, a printed line will be made around the object on the first layer but not attached to the model.
This helps to properly purge the hotend and can be an additional check in case the printing surface needs to be leveled before printing.


brim printing adhesion resource


If brim is selected, a flat area is added to the first layer of the model around its base, which increases the contact area and improves adhesion.



PP | PA    Since this material can warp easily, it is ideal to use brim in order to reduce the possibility of this problem.



raft printing adhesion resource


When raft is selected, a thick grid is added between the model and the printing surface. This can be useful when the bottom surface of the model is not completely flat or has poor adhesion.



ABS  Is very important that the raft parameter is used in order to absorb the tension caused by the shrinking of this material and avoid damaging the printing surface.

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