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configuring horizontal expansion


Due to the deformation of certain materials when being printed, the design dimensions may not match up to those of the printed model. In order to compensate for this variation, you can adjust the horizontal expansion parameters.



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Parameters and functioning
Adjust  correctly the horizontal expansion


Parameters and functioning

horizontal expansion

Horizontal Expansion: Modifies the size of the piece in the direction of the XY plane. A positive value will increase the width, while a negative value will decrease it.


initial layer horizontal expansion

Horizontal expansion of the first layer: works the same as horizontal expansion, however, it only applies to the layer that is in contact with the printing surface.
example of printed piece with horizontal expansion
With this parameter, it is possible to eliminate the "elephant foot" effect, which consists of an excess of material in the first layer. To do this, the offset must be negative and a common value must be half the diameter of the hotend. 



Horizontal expansion for holes: works the same as horizontal expansion, but only applies to closed holes in the plane that is parallel to the layers.


Unlike the scale option in BCN3D Stratos, horizontal expansion is intended to fine-tune the dimensions of the model in the XY plane.  


Adjust the horizontal expansion correctly

correctly adjusting the horizontal expansion


Before using this group of parameters, there are many important points to keep in mind to have the desired measurements in the piece: 

  • If an inaccuracy is not constant, visit the following article, where you will  find how to adjust the printer: Dimensional accuracy tips
  • To measure the piece correctly, don't let the measuring tool touch the first layer. This way, elephant foot will be prevented.
  • With all the measurements made, find the middle value of the inaccuracy. This will be the value that you will have to put for the horizontal expansion, including its sign.


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