Printing materials






The selection, combination, and maintenance of printing material are fundamental steps to achieving a correct final product.

The following articles will help you determine the most suitable material for your project and will present all the information you need to get the most out of it


spool of filament suitable for every application

1. Choose the material for your application

Let's  start with the right way

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combination of materials in 3d printing

2. Material combinations

Explore all the possibilities material combinations offer you

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tips to properly adhere the piece

3. Tips to correctly adhere the print

Find the tips and tricks to get a quality adherence

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removing parts from the printing surface safely

4. How to safely remove prints

An explanation on removing pieces safely

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how to properly store the printing filament

5. How to handle and store BCN3D filament

Discover the correct way to preserve your material when not in use.

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post-processing of 3d prints

6. Post-processing

With sanding, caulking, polishing, gluing, painting, you can get the finish you want.

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