How to Adjust the Belt Tension (Epsilon Series)










Allen key 2.5mm
Allen key 2mm
Socket wrench 5.5mm 



Here we will cover the procedure to adjust the tension of the belts in your BCN3D Epsilon. 

All printers are shipped from the factory with the belts already properly adjusted. Unless you are experiencing layer shifting issues or your belts have lost tension over time, there's no need to tighten them.



To set the belts to their correct tension, you can use our printable tensioner as a reference. You can download the STL file and the instructions on how to use it from the following article:

BCN3D Belt tensioner.

Note: This tool is not updated and its precision may vary on each print, it should only be used as a reference point and to ensure that the tension is the same in all the belts from the X and Y axis.


1. With the X belts, make sure that both are adjusted equally. Once the tension is correct, re-tighten the lower screws.  



2. With the belt Y belts, make sure that the external faces of the idler and the frame are parallel before finishing the adjustment.


Y Motor Belt Adjustment


Note: The tensioner tool is not suitable for the adjustment of this particular belt.

1. Loosen the two nuts that hold the stepper to the printer’s structure without removing them. nut-iconx2 M3


2. Underneath the motor, there is a rectangular piece with two hollow screws in its lower part. Adjust them equally to increase/decrease the belt’s tension.

screw-iconx2 M4 10mm

adjust screws of Y motor tensioner

Note: It's very important that the belt is centered in the pulley. To check it,  give it a few turns to the Y motor and see if the belt moves to the sides or remains still. If it moves to a particular side of the pulley, tweak the alignment of the belt by adjusting the same hollow screws. 


3. Once the belt tension is set, tighten the two nuts that were loosened on the first step.

Note: When the nuts are screwed back, the belt will gain some tension. Be attentive if the belt needs to be adjusted again in order to avoid damage to the motor or the belt.




Check and adjust the belt's tension regularly to prevent issues like layer shifting or ghosting. This process should be done every 1,000 printing hours or when you need to remove the belts or any component that is connected with them.

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