BCN3D Fiber Pack

A useful pack of filaments and consumables to print materials with fibers






What is the BCN3D Fiber Pack?

The Fiber Pack is a set of filaments and consumables specific for applications that require high mechanical resistance offered by materials with carbon and/or glass fibers.

In this article you will find all of the guides related to the filaments and consumables the Fiber Pack contains.

pp-gf-30-printed-parts1. Everything you need to know to print with BCN3D PAHT CF15

Is a composite filament that is stronger and stiffer than regular PA, it can withstand high operative temperatures. This makes the filament suitable to print end-use parts that work under high stress.

PAHT CF15: Tips & Tricks




pet-cf15-printed-parts2. Everything you need to know to print with BCN3D PET CF15

The easiest fiber material to print provides a good balance of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. PET CF15 is considered an intermediate between PAHT C15 and PP GF30.

PET CF15: Tips & Tricks Learn-more-4min
Orientation Matters Learn-more-5min

support-angle3. Everything you need to know to print with BCN3D BVOH

A water-soluble material for support structures. It is easy to print and compatible with most BCN3D filaments. Below you will find our guide to setting supports like an expert.

BVOH: Tips & Tricks Learn-more-4min

Improving Supports


hotend_landing4.  Hotend X: Materials with Fibers

Materials with glass and carbon fibers require hotends that can withstand the friction of the material without minimizing the diameter of the nozzle. The X hotend is specially designed to print these types of materials.

Hotend X - Materials with Fibers

BCN3D Hotends: Materials, compatibility and installation Learn-more-4min

adhesion-landing5. Tips for Correct Print Adhesion

Understand how to avoid common adhesion problems such as Warping
Tips to Correctly Adhere the Print Learn-more-10min
Magigoo, Tips & Tricks Learn-more-8min