Underextrusion issues in the first layers

Check this article to avoid first layers underextrusion issues.

We can easily detect an under extrusion issues when the printed model has a lack of material or when simply there is no filament coming out of the hotend. This happens because the printer is not able to supply material correctly, and there are several parts on the printer that can be related to this issue. We’ll look into these in the following article.

Benchy underextrusion

If under extrusion is happening during the first layer, make sure that filament is actually coming out of the nozzle. To do so, stop the print job, go to the Filament/Purge menu, preheat the hotend and check if filament is coming out.



If filament is not coming out when performing a purge check the following article.

Article: Under extrusion issues (Mid print)

If filament is coming out correctly, it’s possible that the Z axis is not properly calibrated and the filament is not coming out due to the hotend being too close to the glass. 


    In this case you can calibrate the printer following the instructions on the attached article, making sure that Z axis is properly calibrated.

    Epsilon Series:

    Article: Epsilon Series - Printing surface calibration

    Article: Epsilon Series - Hotends calibration


    Sigma Series:

    Article: Sigma Series - Printing surface calibration

    Article: Sigma Series - Hotends calibration


    Sigma and Sigmax:

    Article: How to get flatness on the printing surface (BCN3D Sigma)

    Article: How to get flatness on the printing surface (BCN3D Sigmax)


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