How to properly package the Sigma Series

The next article will guide you on the process to package your BCN3D Sigma series printer.









Warranty notice:

An unofficial or bad packaging may not protect properly the printer during transport, damage is expected and it will void the warranty.

If you don't have the official packaging or you need part of it, please get in contact with support to get a new one:


In the following image, you will find all the necessary foams to package the Sigma Series printers.


NUM Part
1 Box
2 Screen Foam
3 Corner Foam
4 Silica Bag
5 Printing Surface Foam
6 Printing head Foam
7 Plastic Bag
8 Top Left Foam
9 Top Right Foam
10 Cardboard Sheet
11 Packaging Foam
12 Tool Kit
13 Accessories Kit
14 Glass Printing Surface Pack
15 Declaration of Conformity
16 Spool Boxes - 2x PLA
17 Documentation (QSG - Warranty - Welcome card - Filaments & Maintenance)
18 Top covers


Warning! The printer is heavy, two people are necessary to perform some steps from this guide. Make sure that the table where the printer is being installed is close enough.


1. Unload the filament on both extruders (Utilities/Filament/Unload Filament). If you can't unload it, cut the filament and remove the spools. Remove the spool holders too.


Note: If you are planning to send your printer to the BCN3D technical service it's not necessary to package the spools and the spool holders.

2. Insert the long foam between the bottom cover and bed; move the printing surface down (Options/Maintenance/Move printing surface) until the foam is snug, to prevent vibrations in the transport.


3. Remove the printing surface.

remove-printing-surface Cropped

4. Install the bottom foam in the box and insert the corner foams. There's a corner foam that's different: It is thinner than the rest, it protects the printer's screen. All corner foams have two marks that fit with the marks in the box to indicate the orientation.  

5. Turn off and disconnect the printer.

turn-off Cropped unplug Cropped

6. Remove the bowdens.

bowden-2 Cropped remove-bowden Cropped

7. Remove the Lateral and Front trims and place them on the packaging foam. 

remove-trim-2 Cropped remove-trim Cropped

8. Move the carriage to the bottom. Move the printing heads to the left side of the X-axis and install the carriage foams between the printing heads and the Y transmission bar.


9. Cover the printer with the plastic bag and place it inside the box, fit it with the corner foams to prevent movement in the packaging.

bag-d25 Cropped

10. Place the Top Left and Right over the printer until it fits with the printer and the box to protect the printer and avoid vibrations during the transport.


11. Place the cardboard sheet over the printer the top foams and put over this the packaging foam with the printing surface, the trims, and the tool and accessories kit.

tool-accesories-box Cropped glass-foam Cropped

Note: If you are planning to send your printer to the BCN3D technical service it's not necessary to package the printing surface, the SD card, the power cable, the tool and the accessories kit.

12. Close and shrink the box.




BCN3D designs their packagings to protect the printer during the transport, please remember to retain the packaging.

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