How to fix misaligned dual prints

This issue is typical in printers that have the IDEX technology implemented. Luckily, it is quite easy to fix






What are misaligned prints and why this happens


When printing a dual print with an IDEX printer, sometimes, you may spot that the different materials are not aligned.

This is majorly a calibration issue in the X and Y axis. It can also be a hardware or firmware issue, but it is far more unlikely.

How to fix it

1. Calibrate both printheads on the X and Y axis

This is what you should do first once you spot this issue on your prints. Go to Utilities/Calibration/Printer calibration and follow the steps in the display of your unit.

  • Click on the picture of your printer to know how to reach a perfect calibration:
Hotends calibration
w27-epsilon-series-bcn3d printers-sigma-d25-icon Sigmax-header-3-prints Sigma-header-3prints

2. Check the printer's alignment

After calibrating this should be fixed, however, if you find that the misalignment persists and it is in a specific direction, it is possible that you may have an issue with the alignment of the printer itself and missing steps. 

  • Depending on the direction, click on the picture corresponding to your printer to find more detailed information:

X-axis direction

How to fix layer shifting in the X axis
x-shifting-2 w27-epsilon-series-bcn3d printers-sigma-d25-icon Sigmax-header-3-prints Sigma-header-3prints
Y-axis direction How to fix layer shifting in the Y axis
y-shifting-3 w27-epsilon-series-bcn3d printers-sigma-d25-icon Sigmax-header-3-prints Sigma-header-3prints


3. Spotting hardware issues

If you are still having this misalignment, it is possible that your printer is not saving the calibration values. This is related to the mainboard, which would need to be replaced. Calibrate your printer and run a dual extrusion test.

Once printed, turn the printer off, power it back up, and then run the same test. If it comes out misaligned, get in contact with the support team.


  • The misaligned prints is commonly a printing issue related to the calibration in the IDEX 3D printers.
  • If the issue is related to a specific direction you must have a layer shifting issue.


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